Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cameron Highlands trip

2 weeks ago, me and my wife went to Cameron Highlands, a small district in Pahang. It takes 4 hour drive from KL to Cameron Highlands using the North-South Expressway, exit at Simpang Pulai and just follow the signboard to Cameron Highland(Kg Raja) along the road to Gua Musang. It's not a difficult journey as I think, because the road to Gua Musang have 2 lanes and wider, plus you will enjoy the beautiful scenery along the road.

  Due to the weekend holidays, it was crowded virtually everywhere on Cameron Highlands. Moving around and finding a place to park our car during holiday seasons like this was an ‘adventure’ in Cameron Highlands. Long queues were expected virtually everywhere. Nonetheless, we still manage to visit the time tunnel museum, strawberry farm, tea plantations, and bee farms. 

                                               Time Tunnel Museum

                                            Raju Strawberry Farm.

                                             Pasar Malam Berinchang

                                              Bharat Tea Plantation



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